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Here’s a great follow-up to yesterday’s post. This is a video by Darrin Patrick, who is a pastor in St. Louis and leader of the Acts29 church planting movement.

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Last Sunday, Kennon Vaughan of Downline Ministries spoke to the Emmaus class about his testimony and discipleship. One thing (among many) he said that has really stayed with me was how Soup Campbell responded to Kennon’s desire to be discipled: “Soup told me that he wasn’t interested in how smart or talented I was, but that if I was faithful he could show me how to be a man of God.” It has me thinking about how often I try to be self-sufficient instead of trusting God.  One other part of his story that has stuck around is the question he asked Soup after several months of “living life” with  and being discipled by Soup: “Where are the other men doing what you are doing?” It’s a good question.


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