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This week Lisa shared her story in Emmaus. Part of Lisa’s story was her struggle with an eating disorder. Lisa spent time talking about her addictions, their casualties, and how the Lord met her in the midst of them and brought her freedom. The picture from Scripture she used was from John 11 where Jesus raises Lazarus from the grave, calling him from death to life, darkness to light, and sickness to health. This has not been a fun or easy part of Lisa’s story but it is a part the Lord has brought redemption to and is using for his purposes (2 Cor 12:8-10). Throughout Lisa’s journey it has been a challenge to be honest with herself and others, let people in to walk with her in her brokenness,  and allowing herself to experience the Lord’s redemption and forgiveness through the midst of it all. But by the grace of God Jesus has brought healing, wholeness, hope, & restoration. Thanks be to God! 

The reality is that far more of us than would like to admit struggle with an addiction. We begin medicating to get through the brokenness of our pasts, stress of our present, unhealthiness of our families, and perceived failures. We develop unhealthy patterns of relating to substances and before we know it we look up and are in bondage. Addictions are real and they are damaging. Addictions manipulate you for their purposes and rob you of the dignity the Lord intends for his creatures. Addicts begin to have their lives revolve around their addiction (whether with food, sex, substances, affection, acceptance, work, entertainment, or other) and before they know it the pattern they develop has a hold on them that is extremely difficult to break. 

But there is HOPE in the gospel. Part of the work of Christ is to “Set Captives Free” (Lk 4:17-20) and if you have ever been brought freedom from an addiction you know there is a literal application of this in our lives! The difficult part for us is to admit we need help. If you or someone you love struggles with an addiction I want to encourage you to get help. Make an appointment at CPC, talk with Mitchell, Lisa or someone else you know who the Lord has brought through an addiction, let people who love you into your life, share your struggle with friends you trust, and allow the community of the people of God to pray for you. When we put our struggles in the light, sharing them with those who love us and want to fight for redemption with us, our addictions lose their power (1 Jn 1:7). Our lives are not designed to revolve around anything but God and when we put something in the center of our world that is not God then everything gets out of whack. Let us fight together for and with one another to restore the dignity of those in bondage, free the captives in our community, apply the forgiveness and healing of Risen Jesus, and be the vehicles for one another to hear the voice of Jesus calling to us in our graves- “Come out!” There is freedom in Christ as “it is for freedom Christ has set us free!” (Gal 5:1)

How can we be more honest with ourselves concerning what might have too strong of a hold on our hearts and habits? How can we be more affective as a community in fighting for restoration in one another’s lives? Thoughts? (click the comment line and fire away!)

Suggested reading on addiction- http://www.amazon.com/Addictions-Banquet-Finding-Resources-Changing/dp/0875526063


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